My Trip To Takwa Bay Beach

I just had to time to share my little adventure I had with my lovely partner at the takwa bay beach , feeling stressed out ? Looking for a relaxing spot with less crowds? This beach is everything.Spend less amount with great satisfaction, all expenses are pocket friendly….While cruising to the island on a boat, you’ll enjoy a magnificent view of some cool places in Lagos like the Radisson Blu hotel, the Lagos Yacht Club, and the Lagos harbor.

How to get to Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay is an island, so it is only accessible by water. There are several parts of Lagos Island where you can board a ferry or high-speed boat to the bay. The most popular places to get a boat to Tarkwa Bay are Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine ( Victoria Island).1. From Mekwe Jetty near Bonny Camp on Lagos Island: You can board a speedboat. The journey should take 15 minutes.2. From Tarzan Marine Services besidel Lagos Oriental Hotel: You can board a speedboat for the entire journey (to and fro). The cost is N2000. The ride should take 25 minutes.3. From Marina (CMS): You can board a speedboat at N1500 per person. The ride should last for 20 minutes.The best time to visit Tarkwa Bay is weekdays to enjoy the vibes. It’s best to avoid visiting the bay during rainy season (April to September) to avoid story that touches loll, remember your crossing over to the bay with the help of a boat .

Cost estimations

-Unofficial fee- N200-Boat fee (to and fro) N3000-Tent- N500-chairs-N300-Table-N300-And any other goodies follows Below are the little fun I had the time to capture because I was overwhelmed there’s such a place like that in Lagos..

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