Lifestyle: A basic procedure for A happier life

There are some fact abt a happier life . U can live your life your way and enjoy every bit of it feeling fresh And positive..

Your future is at the tip of your finger once u toss it anyhow you must definitely see the result or the outcome, it might seems difficult to achieve but you sure need to achieve at least out of 1 to 10 agenda for 2018 ( achieve 1 to 6 or 7).

All it’s takes is a few good steps and your willingness to help have a happier life….it’s stated below !!

1. Happiness starts from the outside in

In other to give your self the best chances of happiness…u need to make sure what your putting into your body is right for you and of course healthy.. in the past few days having taken a break at work I found out my skin, food , stress free and all is balance like an equation..

2. Then the inside out

Next, you need to analyze/know the roots of what is holding you back from happiness. You’ll have to question yourself about your main point of unhappiness and that alone might be difficult but once you know the cause ,you’ll know exactly what to do…..about a year ago I do hv a lot of issues with friends hating for being buoyant than them blah blah and that really gave mi a hard time but I discovered walking alone is the best and loving yourself comes first, am gladly telling you all the friends I own now ….has one thing or the other doing to keep them busy and live a drama free life.

My point here is you have to be strong enough to achieve and shake off any negative thoughts and people from your life.

3. Focus on the things you do love

Surrounding yourself with people, tasks ,hobbies That really gives you a boost like reading novels ,seeing a movie ,attending a seminars , learning something different and cooking your favorite meal.

With that you will be able to get back on track and this happy moments and memories wi put you into happier future.

4. But live in the moment

Thinking ahead too far in the future can cause unnecessary stress and worry. Whilst planning towards your future is good, try to live in the moment more. It will allow you to relax and enjoy the right here, and the right now.

Sometimes we can miss the little things that are in everyday life because we won’t let ourselves see them. But they could, in fact, bring us a lot of happiness. And by living in the moment you’ll be opening yourself up to this by just going with the flow.

5. Throw yourself into the unknown

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be frustrating and scary but it can also do the most amazing things for you. By allowing yourself to say yes to things you usually wouldn’t you’ll be opening yourself up to a new world you never knew existed.

I hope my little knowledge help and satisfy you guys xoxo

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