JACQUEMUS Magnificence Handcraft Shoes And Bags

Jacquemus artistic shoes and bag are mostly the cutest and handcrafted pieces have ever seen. We all know shoes are worn for fashion and same goes to bags, but this extravagant bombshell look drop dead gorgeous.

Shoes are not for covering our feet but they’ve earn a way of passing a message to the world from the designer likewise bags. Wearing them also add to our sophisticated looks and admirers tend to compliment us.

Our shoes can also do more than define us, they can serve as artistic representations of the designer’s creativity! Always drawing this line is no other than the shoe brand Jacquemus.

Simon Porte Jacquemus, Aa protégé of Rei Kawakubo, is an up-and-coming French designer ,he launched his eponymous label at the age of 18. He brought out the rich and deluxe of shoes well furnished in great materials . His shoe collection are expertly crafted in rich leather and textiles, uniting geometric lines with uncommon details and magnitude.

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