iPhone 8 Plus Review & Why I Chose It Over The X

I’m a huge tech lover but I wasn’t planning on upgrading my beat up iPhone 6 for a good while. I tend to use things until they completely break on me. Then came all the stunning new iPhone’s and I started to change my mind.

So not only did I end up purchasing an iPhone 8, but I got the Plus which is a first for me. I’ve always love the smaller iPhones and I was positive I’d never ever get a Plus sized one. And here we are. I was nervous that I made a huge mistake. I thought it was going to be too big and heavy. So why did I get it? Simply because it was all around much better than the regular 8.

When the iPhone 8 plus finally arrived, I was over excited..It wasn’t too big or heavy and I got used to it within days. Instead of getting into all the specs, I wanted to review it from my perspective. I bought the iPhone because of the work I do with my website. So how useful is the iPhone for people in the media industry?


If you’re worried about the size and weight of the 8 Plus, then don’t be. The first few days are a little uncomfortable as you get used to gripping it in a new way, but after that I promise you won’t be able to live without it. It really isn’t as big and heavy as you think. You’ll definitely feel a difference between the regular vs. the Plus but it won’t disturb you in any way. I actually find the small weight in the Plus makes taking photos much more steadier. The size is also incredible for editing photos and videos. I can actually use one of my touch pens and see what I’m doing. It also fits very nicely into long wallets, which are my preferred type of wallets anyways.

P.S. Alot of people wanted to know if its difficult taking selfies and the answer is no. Like I already mentioned the weight makes it more steady + the improved quality result in quicker nicer selfies.


This is one of the things that really got me to change my mind. The iPhone 8 looks so incredibly beautiful. It’s my favorite apple designed iPhone EVER. The soft nude in combination with a rose gold border is stunning against an all glass back and front. It’s so glossy but stays much better in the hand compared to the slippery metal from previous models. I bought a matte transparent cover (which you can get here) because I didn’t want to completely cover it up when it’s so pretty.


The appearance began to change my mind, but the camera was what sold it for me. We all have our professional cameras to take professional quality pictures for our work, blogs, instagram and more. But a huge percentage of the time we don’t have that camera with us and use our phones instead. I can tell you now that the quality of my content is going to skyrocket because the iPhone 8 Plus has an amazing camera. The quality is really good for a phone and the portrait mode / lighting capabilities are very professional like! Nothing annoys me more than photos I’ve taken on my phone, want to upload but can’t because the quality just isn’t there.


iPhone’s have always been very fast and responsive. I thought my iPhone 6 was very fast and hadn’t aged a day since I bought it years ago. Well, the iPhone 8 Plus is even faster. All my apps just perform so much better now and I love browsing around on this iPhone! Reading through articles, watching videos on YouTube… I enjoy doing everything more on the Plus. The home button DOES take you to home and you still click it. It’s just a little different but it won’t bother you at all. The battery life is of course improved as well. I didn’t realize how often I had to charge my iPhone 6 because with the Plus it has decreased dramatically.


If you’re coming from the iPhone 7 plus, I don’t think you’ll notice an extraordinary difference besides little things here and there and of course the outside appearance. I highly recommend the upgrade if you’re currently using an older iPhone and want a change. It is definitely worth it for anyone in photography, social media, blogging and etc. because it would improve your work immensely.

Why did I choose the iPhone 8 Plus and not the X? First of all, the price. The 8 Plus wasn’t cheap… but the X was just too much for me to feel good about it. I also didn’t love the appearance, especially the vertical camera. The screen was too different to what I’m used to with no home button at all. Now having the Plus I can also say I dislike the size. I really love the bigger screen and wouldn’t want to go smaller anymore.

Hopefully this helped some of you guys out. If you own an iPhone 8, Plus or X, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below. Or if you’re considering getting one over the other what your reasoning is. Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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