How To Fall Asleep Easily

We all struggle with sleep at some point. There are just some days no matter how hard you try, you can’t fall asleep. Wether you’re just having an unusually stessful day or have had a spell of insomnia for months… here is a list of ways to declutter your mind and fall asleep more easily. Whenever I don’t follow these tips, I’ll be up for hours tossing and turning, being the night owl that I am.


If you haven’t moved much all day, chances are your body already feels very rested in the night, making it harder to feel tired. Make sure you’re active in the day by working out, going for a walk, or cleaning around the house. You can pretty much do any kind of light exercise to tire yourself out. This will also bring down your stress levels and ensure a more peaceful sleep.


There is something very therapeutic about cleaning and organizing. If you have a huge mess somewhere thats bothering you, make sure you clean it up before bed. When our surroundings are clean and organized, our mind tends to feel the same. The most important space is of course the bedroom, so make sure you have nothing cluttering your mind there. Rack up all your clothes nicely into the closet, clear any desks and night tables.


It’s a lot easier to fall asleep when you enjoy the bed you have to sleep in. Make sure the sheets are comfortable material for you and adjust the temperature so you dont feel too cold or too hot. Place a candle next to your night stand and light one atleast an hour before bed and turn all the other lights off. You don’t want to expose your eyes to any blue light rays (iphones, computers, TV’s etc) because they signal your brain to stay awake! If you’re like me and cant fall asleep in complete darkness, get some LED battery operated candles you can easily and most importantly safely fall asleep to.


You have to get cozy and this is a ritual that shouldn’t be rushed. Take an extra minute to change into something super comfortable (Onesies for example!). Put a couple candles on in the bathroom, turn the lights off, and proceed with your skincare routine / brushing your teeth. Make it feel like you’re at a Spa getting a treatment. It’s even better if you like to shower or take a bath in the evenings. The hot water in a candle lit bathroom will create even more relaxation. Once you’re all clean and fresh as a daisy, you’ll want nothing more than to slip into a cozy bed and doze off.


Sleep is hard for alot of us because the night time seems to be when our mind wants to think everything through. We have things we need to do, stuff we need to remember on top of stress and anxiety. These are all things you need to put aside for a peaceful night of sleep. How do you do that? It’s actually very simple. Grab a notebook and pen and start writing. Everything thats going through your mind, jot them down onto paper to relax your mind. Wether its a to-do list or reminders.. Just get them out of your mind and into the notepad.


Now you have a nice empty head with no thoughts. It’s time to fill it with some new ones to distract from anything stressful and keep the peaceful mindset. It’s important to do this step because whatever we did last, is usually strongly in our minds or can reappear in our sleep. You can do this by reading a book, watching a youtube video or listening to a podcast. If you’re going to use your phone for this, make sure to turn on Night mode to eliminate the blue rays!

There you have my six ways to fall asleep more easily. Hopefully this helped some of you night owls out there. If you guys have any other tips that you do before bed, please share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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