FASHION: How To Grace Your Steps While Wearing Heels

Heels are fashion items not really essential for those who can’t stand wearing them, but has a lady you should be able to rock heels from kitten heel, mule heels ,pumps,platform heels and wedges .

Whether you are in the board room or any occasion, its an important conquest. Luckily am sharing my tips on how to walk gracefully with heels, because we quite aware heels are not going out of style anytime soon.

Below are the easy tricks on how to walk on heels, and check out our lovely heels, I hope that will help in choosing the right heels for your adorable feet.

Step 1: Size matters

Wearing the correct size is the first basic thing you should know about. It’s sounds easy right because am quite sure we might assume we know our perfect sizes but you should note that sizes varies from brand shoes sizes and countries. So, I’ll recommend going to a shoe store for fittings or if your the online shopping type you should make sure you check the site size charts (it’s very necessary) so you won’t end up getting an over size or a small size.

Make. Sure you find the shoe that fits perfectly.

Step 2: Start with a low until you comfortable with the higher ones

Starting with a low heels won’t cost a thing, has a beginner you need to cut your coat according to your size, which means you can jump from level 1 to level 5 leaving other stages.

Automatically I’ll gladly encourage you to choose a platform,lower/kitten heels for a good start, from then you can work your way to a higherkiller heels.

Step 3: Walk heel to toe Not toe to heel

It’s absolutely wrong to put all the foot down at once the way you walk in flats, instead place your heel on the ground followed by your toe that much easier. This will give u a natural walk.

Step 4: No Hasten

Remember you just learning on how to walk on heels, apparently you done have to rush while walking in them. It’s appropriate to walk gracefully in them, take your time slowly and controlled movement give off an air of confidence.

Step 5: Quality over quantity

When it’s comes in heels ladies pick quality over quantity. We can’t afford to wear a pair of heels that damages our feet, so if your wondering on how to walk in heels dearie it’s absolutely quality over quantity.

I hope our tips on how to walk on heels actually suits what you’ve been looking for…… thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

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