Collections of sneakers you must have in 2018

There are lot of ways you can rock sneaks but styling it best and nice is the goal….some sneakers trend hardly goes out of fashion, mainly has a result of its versatility.

1. Nike

Nike has been selling for a decades now, wearing this brand won’t go wrong on any outfit.

2. Vans

I can remember when it was a fashion crime to let your socks peek outside your shoes, creating a huge market for the no-show socks. Now though, socks are worn on everything including sandals. As a result, finding the right matching socks for your sneakers is an important ingredient to nailing an outfit.

3. Loius Vuitton

The chunky sneaker trend has been the most prominent recently. With the leading sneaker designer brands recently launching new designs to augment the chunky sneaker trend. Making a choice shouldn’t be too hard for you.


Fila sprang up early last year , with its exquisite design and well detailed fine lines it’s absolutely nice and won’t go wrong on you either with a dress or a jeans.

5. Gucci

Gucci is now an household name …everyone around the world knows about dis exclusively brand….wearing this brand makes you popular not all popular but it’s uniqueness makes outfit yummy.

Hopefully this article helped you guys …feel free to add your favorite sneakers in the comment box xoxo?

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