7 Home Remedies For A Glowing Skin!!

every woman, I guess the men are not left out, loves a nice and glowing skin, but how can u care and maintain that skin, that’s literally the problem we always have.

Do you know a lot of sun exposure causes damages to the skin and stressful lifestyle, inadequate sleep and lack of nutritional diet can also makes the skin dull and dry.

So I’ll be sharing my basic and daily tips on how to get a clear and glow skin without so much stress involved.

Do you know drinking a litre of water helps the skin a lot?? Yes it’s sure does.

This homemade beauty recipes comes in a wide range, so I’ll be picking the best skincare routine you should follow.

1. Coconut Oil

How To Use:

— Warm up the oil and apply on your face and neck.

— gently massage in a circular motions.

— you can leave the oil on overnight.

This remedy works for people with a dull and dry skin it’s nourishes and moisturize the skin and is consists of antioxidants which helps gives a glowing skin.

2. Turmeric

What To Get:

— 1/2-1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

— 4 tablespoons of chick peas flour

— milk or water

How To Use:

• Mix the turmeric powder with the gram flour and add enough milk or water to form a paste.

• Apply this on your face and neck.

• Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with a warm water.

This method should to used twice a week for best result.

This skincare remedy is one out of my skincare routine, its cleanses the skin, it’s gets rid of harmful free radicals that are damaging the skin, makes it clear and smooth.

3. Baking Soda

What To Get:

— 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

— 1 teaspoon of Extra virgin olive oil.

— 1/2 teaspoon honey

How To Use:

• mix the three ingredients together in a clean bowl.

• apply on the face and neck in a circular motions.

•make it stay for at least 10minutes

•rinse with warm water.

This method is a great moisturizer has well.

It’s exfoliates dead skin cells and it’s soothes the skin. Use once a week.

4. Honey

What To Get:

— Honey

How To Use:

•apply honey on the skin.

•massage it for a few minutes and leave it for another 5mins.

•wash off with a warm water and pat dry.

This method can be used everyday, when ever you are less busy. Honey is Rich in antioxidants that makes the skin soft and healthy and also reduce blemishes.

5. Cod Liver Oil

What To Get:

— Cod Liver Oil Capsule

How To Use:

— pinch open the cod liver oil capsules and apply the oil present on your face and body if preferable.

— massage for 2 minutes, leave in for about 10minutes.

— rinse with water or cleanser.

6. Rose Water

What To Get:

— Rose water

— cotton balls

How To Use:

• keep the rose water refrigerated for an hour.

• dip a cotton ball inside the rose water and apply on the skin.

This method should be used everyday for better results. It’s also serves has a skin toner and also balance the skin pH of the skin.

7. Banana

What To Get:

• A ripe banana

• 2 tablespoons milk

• An ice cube

How To Use:

— mash the banana and the milk then apply it on the face and neck.

— leave it for 10mins.

— rinse with a cold water or rub the ice cube on the areas.

This method should be done once a week.

Banana and milk consists of vitamin A,B, C and E and minerals that nourishes and hydrate the skin.

I hope this article helps and meets what you have been searching for?? Let us know if we missed Something right in the comment box and also drop your ideas. Have a great day xoxo

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