5 Makeup Tips That’s Makes Your Eyeshadows Look Brighter!!

Hey dolls trying to get the perfect touch and bright eye shadow but you kept making mistakes. Regardless of the colour, makeup brands, texture and finishes so u can gladly wear your eye shadow confidently and look more chic!!

1. Eye Primer

Most of us concentrate more on the eye makeup, but we forget to use an eye primer. Primer works like a multi purpose product. It’s works for sole purpose of increasing the longevity of the shadow. Eye primers also add vibrancy to the eyeshadows, making the colour pop up on your eyelid and doesn’t get affected by the eyelid pigmentation that you may naturally have.Eye primers come in different finishes. You can choose a skin tone variation to even out the eyelid pigmentation as well as help the eyeshadow pop. A white or pale coloured primer will make the eyeshadows appear extremely vibrant.

2. Eye shadow base

An eye shadow base is a popular way to make your eyeshadows appear bright and vibrant.The best application of the eyeshadow base is with your finger tips, at it helps in easy spreading of the product. Makeup artists always apply the eye primer first and then follow it up with an eyeshadow base.

3. White Eye pencil

Eye pencils can easily double up as a base for your eyeshadows. If you are on a tightbudget or if you don’t own an eye primer or eyeshadow base, then this trick will be of great help to you.

4. Layering

This tip may sound simple, but is extremelyhelpful to make your eyeshadows appear brighter. Simply layer the eyeshadow twice to instantly make it pop out and appear visibly brighter.

5.wet it and conceal

My most favourite trick to make my eyeshadows appear visibly brighter and pop out, is to wet my eyeshadow brush with a makeup setting spray or plain water. After wetting your eyeshadow brush with water, slowly pat it over a clean tissue paper to remove the excess water.

If you have perfectly normal eye lids and do not really need an extra eye primer, then you can use your concealer as a base prior to the application of your eyeshadows. The formula of the concealer is very creamy and tinted in a skin tone colour acts as a great base for your eyelids. It helps in adhering the eyeshadows better to your eye lids plus evens out the pigmentation on your eyelids, providing an even and brighter colour intensity.

Hope you find this helpful!! And don’t forget the drop your thoughts in the comment section Cheers.

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