5 makeup Essentials you can’t live without

There are certain makeup kits a lady must have with or without an emergency hours …from liquid eyeliner to the perfect shade of red or pink lipstick. There are so many product in the market so you might find it hard to choose a product or to find a perfect shades for yourself..So to help you out,I’m going to recommend a product every girl must own and it’s affordable. Don’t waste your time wondering what items should become a part of your daily makeup routine;these are all the essentials you would ever need…

1. black|Up Matifying fluid foundation

Black up foundation is definite beauty essential it’s a fast and easy way to ensure your skin looks blemish-free. It’s awesome if you’re in a rush since the cream serves as serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF all in one! And it’s makes makeup remains bright and homogeneous all day long.

2. Long-lasting bronzer

Bronzer is a great tools to finish off your looks with a little touch of fenty bronzer/ highlighter, you want a last longing bronzer that looks natural and glowing I will surely recommend fenty highlighter, zaron bronzer, fair|up bronzer. there nice product a must have for a chic girl …..

3. Volumizing mascara

Mascara instantly makes our eyes bigger and lot more cute and lot more awake. It’s complete simple look and it’s can be used on its own when you in a rush!! We all have product of mascara we do use “I particularly” I prefer star light glam’s cause it’s nice on me it’s doesn’t shred and it’s last longer on me

4. Bold lipstick

Lipstick are a must have for all females cause it’s a makeup pieces that’s more easier to carry along anywhere anytime. it’s the ultimate finishing touch of the look .

5. Elf makeup mist set

And the last one is ” elf mist set ” practically I love using this setting spray cause without setting spray your makeup will be a disaster and am sure you won’t want that ….this mist helps makes makeup looks better ,calming it and making it looks yummy and fabulous… you wouldn’t want to waste time on making yourself up and end up look bore with your face beat on

hopefully this helped some of you guys out …xoxo?

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