10 Amazing Ways To Use A Coconut Oil!!

Have you heard about uses of coconut oil, except using it has a body oil??

If yes/no, I’ll be breaking down the usefulness of coconut oil for different uses. we’re going to guess that the last thing that comes to mind is rubbing the edible plant grease all over your face, your arms,Or coconut oil for your hair. But a growing body of research, countless experts.

According to our experts, coconut oil used for a lot of beauty products: it’s quite antifungal, antibacterial,coconut oil for skin is a good idea and its suitable for all skin types because it moisturize, penetrate hair then other oils, and its smells nice.

Below we will be starting the usefulness of coconut oil and I guess you don’t need to spend a fortune on products and taking care of your self in a friendly budget…

Practice this DIY tips with coconut oil;

1. Hair: deep-condition overnight

Coconut oil is a way too better for your hair because it’s penetrate and prevent protein loss then sunflower oil and minerals according to research .Apply a quarter-size dollop to your hair, comb it, and then pile it into a loose bun. You’ll want to place a soft towel over your pillow or sleep in a shower cap. In the morning, shampoo as usual with a gentle cleanser.

2. Adds to hair beauty

Smooth a tiny amount of organic coconut oil onto your ends of your hair to add a little shine if you have dark hair. Remember that a little touch is ok, anything more then that will make your hair appear greasy.

3. Reduces dandruff

Most causes of dandruff is a dry scalp. You’ve gotten a lot of shampoo but still doesn’t work out. Then you definitely need a coconut oil to minimize the problem with an ultra-moisturizing coconut oil treatment: Heat 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil on the stove over a low flame. Once it liquifies, immediately remove it from the stove, so it doesn’t become too hot. Then, massage the oil into your scalp. If you have any leftover oil, you can use it to coat the rest of your hair. Let the oil sit on your scalp for 30 minutes and then wash it out with shampoo. (A shower cap will contain the mixture and prevent it from dripping on you while you wait.) If the problem persists, try some of these other.

4. For face cleansing

coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing and, according to research, great for atopic dermatitis, many women swear by its use as a nighttime moisturizer for their face, too. Try the double-cleansing method: rub the oil in circular motions all over your face and neck,massage your skin, When you’re done, wash off your face with your favorite cleanser. (If you’re acne-prone, avoid this technique unless you know your skin tolerates coconut oil.)

5. Nourishl cracked cuticles

Massaging coconut oil into your cuticles and the skin around your nails can bring some much-needed moisture to an oft-overlooked part of the body. The benefit? You’ll fend off cracked skin, prevent hang nails, and have healthier looking nail beds.

6. Removal of eye makeup

Coconut oil serves as a waterproof mascara! Apply a little on a cotton ball and gently wipe it over your eyes, pay attention to the under-eyes too. The oil does a great job in removing inky eye makeup and leaves the face hydrated, ones your done, rinse off your face.

7. Moisturize your body

A recent animal study found that when applied topically, virgin organic coconut oil for skin can speed up wound healing, and a human study found it to be effective in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in seriously dry skin.

It’s smell nice, delicious and it’s very affordable and it’s leaves your skin with the perfect glow.

8. Has a Lip balm

Coconut oil is very moisturizing. Have tried it before but had to stop due to work mode lol, it’s very nice and it’s makes your lips soft.

9. As a butter substitute in baking

Who would think that you could substitute butter for coconut at a 1:1 ratio when baking. It is such a great way to cut down on cholesterol.

10. To prevent mosquito bites from itching

The worst thing you can do is scratch a mosquito bite, it’s only makes it worst, slathering of coconut oil is a good idea because it’s a form a protective layer to allow the bug bites to heal and clear the itching spots.

Enjoy your coconut oil!!!

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